When It Comes To Stretch Marks, Pregnancy Often Gets The Blame


If you suffer from stretch marks, pregnancy is often what many women consider to be the cause. While pregnancy stretch marks after pregnancy are a reality for many women, you should know that there are many causes of stretch marks. Some of them include quick weight loss, quick weight gain or hormonal changes. Since pregnancy comes with two of these, then yes, stretch marks can be pregnancy related.

Accommodating The Baby

Stretch marks during pregnancy can happen for a couple of reasons. One is that your body is expanding to accommodate the baby that is growing inside of you. That’s a natural process, as long as you don’t take it to the extreme by over eating.

You see, it’s very important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet when you’re expecting a baby. Of course, it’s important to eat properly all the time, but during pregnancy it’s vital for the child and for you.

It’s also important to watch how much weight you gain in the process. Eating healthy foods should help with that, but you also need to be careful about how much of those foods you are eating. You don’t need to eat for 2 adults when you’re “eating for 2″. Remember that the baby is smaller than you are.

Hormonal Changes

The body also goes through hormonal changes during pregnancy. The hormones are designed to make the delivery process easier on you and your baby. They accomplish that by making your pelvic ligaments soft. Unfortunately, they can make other things happen. For example, they can make your skin fibers softer. When your skin fibers are soft, they can be easily torn. That tearing creates those ugly stretch marks.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Avoiding pregnant stretch marks isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s not always possible. There are a lot of factors involved like genetics, weight and hormones. However, you can control things somewhat by watching what you eat and by using a pregnancy stretch mark cream.

There are a lot of anti-stretch mark creams on the market. Most of them work by supplying nutrients that fortify the skin. It also helps to massage your skin or have someone else do so for you as the cream is applied. The massaging motion can help your blood to circulate more efficiently, which will deliver the nutrients to where they are needed faster.

So yes, when it comes to stretch marks pregnancy can definitely be a factor. That doesn’t mean that you have to get them if you are pregnant, though. You can control your stretch marks, or lack thereof, at least a little. If you do get them, just remember that they fade over time and that, in some cases, they can be surgically removed. So, you’re not necessarily stuck with them, either.

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