Stretch Marks Cream: A Safe And Effective Option


A common problem of women, especially after giving birth, is the removal of stretch marks. These are unattractive marks that can really be difficult to get rid of. If you have them then you know how it can cause a drop in self esteem and confidence and cause you to view your body in a bad way.

stretch marks cream 300x200 Stretch Marks Cream: A Safe And Effective OptionStretch marks can also be a problem for men and even women that don’t have kids yet. These marks are formed when the skin tears due to being stretched too much. The scars that form are stretch marks which can be for the most part found where fat is stored as well. This is why stretch marks can be found on the arms, thighs and the tummy most of the time.

Products which get rid of stretch marks such as stretch marks cream have been available in the market for many years now. They are considered quite safe for most people and are effective in helping rid someone of stretch marks.

How Do They Work?

Stretch mark creams work on a superficial level, mostly on the initial layers of the skin. They stimulate growth of new skin as well as moisturize the skin. By keeping the skin taut and supple, these creams help to minimize the look of stretch marks.

Usual ingredients of these types of creams are moisturizers such as plant oils, skin vitamins such as E and D, and collagen stimulating ingredients. Each stretch mark cream has its own unique properties that promote healthy skin and improve the appearance of the marks either by improving tone or decreasing size all together.

What Products Are Available?

Different stretch marks creams are available over the counter in most skin care stores. Well known products are Dermology, Skinception, Revitol and Trilastin-SR. These products have a history of success as well as clinical proof of efficacy. They work to improve skin tone to cover up stretch marks. There are some creams as well that are effective in stimulating collagen production which can effectively reduce the size and appearance of these marks.

While considered mostly safe, it is important to consult a doctor prior to using a cream. This is especially true if you are planning to use the cream while pregnant. Some ingredients can cause adverse reactions and complications during pregnancy,

For all other times however, a stretch marks cream is safe to use and can be very helpful in getting rid of the marks and making you feel better about your body again.

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