What Is Stretch Mark Surgery?


If you’re looking to get rid of your stretch marks, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with the self-esteem problems that come with having those ugly marks on their bodies. There are stretch mark creams and lotions that can help with that sometimes, but, if your stretch marks are really bad, you might need stretch mark surgery.


There are really three types of stretch mark surgery that you may want to think about having. The first type of surgery is known as laser surgery. Laser surgery isn’t as invasive as other treatments, so some people like it best. However, it’s not without its problems.

For example, it can only treat new stretch marks that haven’t started to fade out. Also, multiple laser treatments may be required and they still may not totally remove the marks. On top of that, since it can be a lengthy and repetitive process, it can also be expensive.

Coolbeam Treatment

Coolbeam treatment is another way to surgically treat any stretch marks that you have. It’s a fairly new, but extremely accurate, treatment method. It involves cooling the skin’s surface and then using lights to remove tiny bits or skin tissue from the surface. It’s a very accurate treatment and not very invasive at all.

Cosmetic Surgery For Stretch Marks

Another option is having cosmetic surgery to treat your stretch marks. Usually, stretch marks on the stomach can be treated easily by getting a tummy tuck, for example. The procedure is actually called abdominoplasty.

If you don’t plan to have more children and you stick to a healthy diet, abdominoplasty may be able to permanently get rid of your stretch marks. However, even though it’s usually a one-time procedure it’s expensive and uncomfortable. So, you’ll need to prepare for the money and recovery time involved.


Of course, it’s always better if you can just prevent the stretch marks from showing up. It’s also important, if you already have them, to avoid getting more, once you’ve had your surgery. Using preventative creams and lotions can help, especially if you’re pregnant. It also helps to eat a proper diet, whether you’re pregnant or not. That way, you can avoid rapid weight gain, which could lead to more stretch mark problems.

There’s an effective new cream on the market that offers a 9-month “Mom To Be” package specifically for the prevention and treatment of pregnancy stretch marks (it works for other types too). You can learn more about it right here.

As you can see, there are a lot of stretch mark surgery options available to you. Choosing the right one can be difficult. So, you should think it over carefully, before you pick one. You might even want to talk to your doctor about alternatives, first.


  1. Kristina says:

    having surgery for stretch marks seems a bit much… i say use a good cream for a few weeks, maybe a couple months and see what happens!