Stretch Mark Remover Options To Consider


stretch mark remover 199x300 Stretch Mark Remover Options To ConsiderStretch mark remover choices are now available for those that have become very annoyed with these pesky marks. Those that are afflicted with stretch marks understand the frustration involved with trying to get rid of them. They are very difficult to live with and can affect self esteem as well as our body’s appearance.

Stretch marks are the unwanted result of skin being stretched to the point of tearing. When the skin becomes stretched due to growth spurts, weight gain and pregnancy, the skin becomes stretched out. If the skin isn’t maintained to be healthy or resilient during this time, it tears and creates stretch marks in its place.

While they are perfectly safe, stretch marks can be a big nuisance. But thankfully, you have many choices for a stretch mark remover. From creams to lasers, a stretch mark removal treatment isn’t far from your reach.

Treatment Options

1. Creams

Creams are a popular stretch mark remover. They are usually made with moisturizers as well as skin vitamins and growth promoters. Creams usually work on improving the appearance of the stretch mark, but do not totally remove them. They work on the surface of the skin, improving the color, skin tone as well as texture of the skin and stretch marks. With continued use of the cream, the stretch marks eventually blend better with the skin, making it the marks less prominent.

There are stretch mark creams that also work to make them disappear by promoting growth of new skin. Collagen stimulating ingredients work to promote new skin growth so that scars and stretch marks will eventually be covered up. Skinception is a popular option that promotes collagen growth in the skin.

2. Plastic Surgery

While surgery is the classical stretch mark removal option for doctors, there are other non surgical means to remove stretch marks. Plastic surgery usually works through nip and tuck procedures. Typically, the area where stretch marks can be found is extra skin. Surgery can remove this extra skin and tuck it in, making the skin taut and stretch mark free.

But if you do not want surgical treatments, you can look into getting a laser stretch mark remover treatment. Laser dye treatments can improve the look of stretch marks, while refractive lasers can erase stretch marks much like scar removal procedures. The laser can make micro wounds on the stretch marks making it possible for new skin to grow over the marks.

A combination of creams and clinical procedures can work best for very stubborn stretch marks. And with these many choices available for a stretch mark remover, you can stop worrying about them and get back the skin you once had.

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