Stretch Mark Removal Methods That Work


Stretch marks are a problem for both men and women. While this is a common skin condition for women after pregnancy, it isn’t uncommon to see women without children and even men with stretch marks.

stretch mark removal 300x199 Stretch Mark Removal Methods That WorkThese marks are caused when the skin is stretched beyond its limit. This usually happens for women during their pregnancy as the stomach grows. People who are into body building can also find themselves with stretch marks. Teenagers as well, who undergo growth spurts can find them on their body

This is why stretch mark removal has continuously been offered to men and women. Creams and treatments for stretch marks removal are commercially available in different forms, and with different results.

Are Stretch Marks Bad?

Stretch marks are perfectly safe. They are merely scars that form when the skin tissue tears when stretched too much. They may appear reddish at first, but over time they fade into the natural color of the skin.

Stretch mark removal however is of great interest because of the psychological and aesthetic problem they cause. These marks can be an eyesore and a cause for low self esteem. Men and women can find themselves unwilling to wear clothes they like for fear that people will see their stretch marks. They can also get irritated when they see the uneven skin texture that stretch marks cause.

Stretch marks removal solves this problem by getting rid of stretch marks. Depending on the age of the stretch marks, different procedures may have different levels of success.

How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

Creams and moisturizers are one of the most popular stretch marks removal options. These creams usually have moisturizers, vitamins and collagen promoting ingredients to help the skin renew itself. They work by getting in the skin and making it more supple and moisturized, while the stimulating action helps diminish the appearance of the marks.

While these stretch marks removal products may improve the skin’s appearance as well as remove some of the marks, removal of all marks can be a difficult task. This is especially true for older marks. Continued use of these creams can help prevent future ones from forming.

Plastic surgery can also be an option for stretch mark removal. There are both surgical and non surgical approaches. Collagen induction helps improve the appearance of stretch marks by adding collagen to the skin and promoting new skin to grow to reduce the marks. Laser treatments also work by removing the scars or marks. This removal helps promote new skin to grow to cover up the scars and results in new and smooth skin.

Depending on the severity of stretch marks, you can make use of the stretch mark removal technique that is right for you. Always consult your doctor first before undergoing any procedure, especially if you have a condition or have a history of one.

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