Does Stretch Mark Removal Cream Really Help?


If you have stretch marks, you know that they are incredibly embarrassing. If you don’t have them yet, you should avoid them at all costs. For example, if you’re pregnant, you should take measures to avoid them. Stretch mark removal cream could be the way to go, but does it really work?

To answer that, you first need to know how stretch marks are formed. They are a lot like scars on your skin. They happen when the middle layer of skin loses some of its elasticity and splits open. That reveals the lower layers and blood vessels underneath. So, stretch marks often start out looking a bit purple, but later fade out a bit.

Stretch Mark Removal Creams

The words “removal cream” aren’t entirely accurate. Stretch mark creams are typically meant to prevent stretch marks, particularly in those who gain or lose weight rapidly, such as pregnant women. Many of those creams can also help existing marks to fade out a bit, but they don’t totally remove stretch marks.

Finding The Best Cream For You

Nevertheless, stretch mark creams can be great, if you know how to find the right ones. That involves reading through product reviews and asking your doctor or friends for advice on effective products that they have found.

Always look for products that offer free samples or money back guarantees, too. Two such products are Revitol and Dermology. Dermology comes highly recommended for pregnant women and the Revitol name is well known for a host of skin and hair care products that are all very successful. Nevertheless, you should explore all of your options before you try a random cream.

Traits Of A Great Cream

There are several traits that make a good stretch mark cream. The best stretch mark cream is one that is self-contained. In other words, it shouldn’t require you to add outside ingredients. You should just be able to open it and apply it to your skin.

Another good trait is that a good cream should be full of nutrients and ingredients that support skin health. It should be designed to help existing stretch marks to fade out, as well as prevent new ones from forming on the skin.

One trait that you should definitely not look for is a cream that makes miraculous promises, though. No stretch mark removal cream can work instantly or completely. The best creams are designed to be used on a regular basis to achieve long-term results, not instant gratification.

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