Are Stretch Mark Cures Really Possible?


Is it realistic to expect that popular stretch mark cures can really work to eliminate unsightly stretch marks? If you already have them or are worried about getting them, such as if you are planning to become pregnant and afraid of the consequences, that’s a question that you have probably been asking for a while.

Cures For Stretch Marks

The short answer is that there is a cure for them. There’s only one true cure, though. That cure is cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most common ways to get rid of the marks, especially those associated with pregnancy that never went away after the child was born.

The problem with abdominoplasty is that it is a major surgical procedure. It costs money, takes time and comes with potential risks. It also comes with some pain, discomfort and recovery time. So, if stretch mark surgery is not for you, don’t worry. Just explore some alternatives.

Treating And Preventing Stretch Marks

stretch mark cures Are Stretch Mark Cures Really Possible?Although cosmetic surgery is the only cure for stretch marks, prevention and treatment are options. For example, Dermology stretch mark cream is often recommended for women to use before and during a pregnancy for preventing stretch marks from appearing at all.

As far as treatment goes, Dermology and other creams can be used to reverse the signs of stretch marks, too. The problem is that they have to be used consistently and they take time to work. They aren’t miracle quick fixes. So, you need to be careful not to raise your expectations too high if you use stretch mark creams.

There are a lot of stretch mark creams out there, of course. So, one way to find a good cream is to learn from the experiences of others. Shop around for a cream that has a good reputation and good ingredients, like natural extracts and vitamins. Such creams will keep your skin well protected and also keep it healthier.

Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

A final option is to have laser surgery for stretch marks, which isn’t the same as cosmetic surgery. One big difference is that cosmetic surgery is usually done one time and with a long recovery process. Laser procedures have to be done many different times if you want the best results. However, they don’t come with as many risks or as much recovery time in most cases.

Laser surgery is not a cure for stretch marks, but it can help to lessen the appearance of them over time. Just remember that laser procedures can be expensive, especially when you consider the necessity for multiple treatments. So, you should make sure that you can afford to see it through. If not, you might just want to have one surgery or try your luck with creams and lotions instead.

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