Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Right For You?


laser stretch mark removal 300x272 Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Right For You?Stretch mark removal is a common procedure done in the world of plastic surgery. Nip and tuck procedures are common for removing these marks. The world of stretch mark removal continues to advance however. With this, laser stretch mark removal has become a good option for those that prefer not going under the knife.

Laser treatment for stretch marks is very safe and proven as well. Laser stretch mark removal can be a good solution for those looking for an alternative stretch mark removal option.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused when the skin tears due to it being stretched too much. Weight gain, sudden growth and pregnancy can all contribute to stretch marks forming. Stretch marks can often be seen after weight is lost such as after pregnancy. The marks are actually scars left by the skin where they were torn.

Stretch marks are safe and pose no health risk. They are, however, very unsightly and can cause low self esteem or lack in confidence.

Getting rid of stretch marks and making them look better is very achievable. And laser treatment is one of the ways you can get rid of these marks.

How Does Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Work?

There are two current methods for treating stretch marks using a laser. The first is the standard pulse laser dye treatment. This works by passing over the dye laser over the affected areas to improve both the color and the texture of the mark. Over a course of several treatments, the stretch marks will begin to fade or blend in with the skin. It is however only good for surface stretch marks. Marks that are deeper can be very difficult to remove with this treatment.

The other laser stretch mark removal procedure is the fractional laser resurfacing. This procedure works by passing the laser over portions of the marks to create micro wounds. These wounds are very small and almost invisible to the naked eye. Because of this wounding, the skin is stimulated to grow new skin over the stretch marks. After several procedures, the skin can look as good as new.

There may be a degree of pain associated with laser stretch mark removal, and laser treatments for stretch marks still may not provide total removal. They are however very effective in improving the condition of the skin. Laser surgery combined with the use stretch mark creams and other products could very well be the best solution to helping you get rid of stretch marks.

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