How to Remove Stretch Marks And Reclaim Your Body


Stretch marks can be a very embarrassing thing to have. They are very unsightly and can cause you to feel disgusted about the way your body looks. It can especially be hard on women after they give birth. Stretch marks can make them feel very low at a time when their energy is also at a low level. That’s why learning how to remove stretch marks is so important.

how to remove stretch marks How to Remove Stretch Marks And Reclaim Your BodyWhile they may not have a physical adverse effect, the psychological damage that stretch marks may give is undeniable. It can cause depression as well as low confidence in both men and women who have stretch marks. People may hesitate from wearing their favorite clothes and even refrain from social contact as they may feel ashamed of their stretch marks.

Fortunately, there are many products and procedures that can help remove them. If you’d like to learn how to remove those bothersome stretch marks, then do read on.


Topical stretch mark creams have long been a favorite way for removing stretch marks. Loaded with moisturizers and vitamins and skin growth stimulants, these products can really help to remove stretch marks, especially new ones or lighter ones. While they may not be able to get rid of all stretch marks completely, they do a great job in making the skin look better as well as diminish the severity of these marks.

Products such as Dermology and Trilastin-SR are good creams to use for stretch marks. They aid mostly in improving the look of the skin as well as promoting skin growth. They also moisturize the skin which helps prevent new marks from developing.


Plastic surgery is perhaps the best way to remove stretch marks completely. Plastic surgeons have an array of procedures to choose from. While the standard has been to cut away at the stretch marks and tuck in the skin, there are non invasive procedures now available.

Laser treatment is one of these procedures. In this procedure, lasers create micro wounds on the skin near the marks. These wounds are very small but trigger the skin to heal and grow new skin. With continued treatment, the stretch marks are replaced by new skin.

What to Choose

The choice of how to remove stretch marks is dependent mostly on your budget. Creams can be a cheaper option but may not work to completely remove stretch marks. Plastic surgery on the other hand is very expensive, but can be quite effective.

Whatever your choice may be, you may want to consider asking your doctor about it as well. Some creams may not be applicable to pregnant or nursing women and some procedures may not be right for you considering your medical history.

Get to know all of your options and you’ll soon find one that is best for you.

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