Bio Oil Stretch Marks Treatment: Does It Really Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?


bio oil stretch marks Bio Oil Stretch Marks Treatment: Does It Really Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?Stretch marks are an unfortunate result of your skin not being as elastic as you had hoped during pregnancy. Although stretch marks are very common they can be upsetting for some women, especially if they are extreme. Using Bio Oil stretch marks treatment to treat your skin before, during, and after your pregnancy may help the overall appearance of the stretch marks.

There is no miracle cure that you can apply to your skin; however, the natural formula of Bio Oil has proved to be very effective at helping with your problem. Over 80% of women will suffer from some form of stretch mark during their pregnancy due to the top layer of skin not being able to stretch as far. The lower layer of skin will become too thin, and over time will stretch and break giving the effect of stretch marks. We have found the best deal on Bio-Oil… click here to check it out.

They will initially look incredibly sore, and very dark in color. However, over time they will fade and although they will still be there they will be far lighter. Although it may be difficult to avoid the stretch marks completely, massaging the area with Bio Oil has proved to help the skin remain supple and soft. Bio Oil is a combination of several different oils and is infused with vitamins E and A which are all effective at helping with skin issues.

The ingredients in the Bio Oil formula can provide an intensive hydrating effect that can reduce the overall appearance of the scars left by stretch marks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Bio Oil will remove your stretch marks completely though as this is very unlikely. However, it is very effective when used for stretch mark prevention. By using it in the first few months of pregnancy, you may be able to avoid having the stretch marks become severe.

Using the treatment during your pregnancy will encourage the growth of healthy skin, and ensure that it remains supple. The levels of vitamins contained in the oil blend will help your skin to increase elasticity. Your skin will be able to stretch further and form a larger shape before the lower levels cannot cope. The massaging will produce new skin cells that are healthier and more able to cope with your growing body.

Prevention is often the best thing with stretch marks, and if you can deal with them before they appear you are one step ahead of the problem. Carrying a baby is tough on your body, and there will be visible signs that you are left with. However, using a good stretch mark cream can can help you to regain your shape and ensure that your skin returns to some form of normality. Applying the Bio oil is very simple, and it has a pleasant aroma which makes it enjoyable to use.

If you apply the Bio Oil stretch marks treatment at least twice a day for the duration of your pregnancy you will be taking an important step toward preventing those unsightly stretch marks. If you already have embarrassing stretch marks however, you may want to give Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy a try. It can help fade and even eliminate stretch marks in some cases. They also have a great “Mom To Be” package available.

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skinception stretchmark 400 Bio Oil Stretch Marks Treatment: Does It Really Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?


  1. Luci says:

    This is good. I know this will help me personally with getting rid of my own stretch marks. I’m going to share this with Bio Oil vs Skinception with my friends.

  2. Ruby Castle says:

    Hi there, I am grand mummy above fifty-five something from nj and I really want to do something about some old stretch marks I have. I wonder if this oil would help older stretch marks fade away???

  3. karen miller says:

    Nice review of bio oil. Saves me a bit of time and money trying it myself. Thank you for your information.

  4. Terri F says:

    Over the last 20 years skin care has been a predominant part of our day to day lives. We may not even realise we are taking part in such a robotic act. From just washing our face with water we are essentially taking care of our skin. Obviously water can only do so much, but that’s when science has come into its own. In the last two decades we have seen some great advances in skin care for all ages and races and of course that includes the treatment of stretch marks. Great information here, thanks for sharing.

  5. Tasha Finn says:

    bio oil is not bad for stretch marks – might be some better choices but i know lots of women who use it and are happy with it, maybe because it’s cheaper that some of the newer products