Best Stretch Mark Cream Comparisons


If you have trouble with stretch marks, you know that they can be annoying and embarrassing. There are treatments available for them, though. Creams and lotions for example, can be very useful. So, let’s look at two of the best stretch mark cream options on the market today.

Creams For Stretch Marks Prevention

dermology sretch mark cream Best Stretch Mark Cream ComparisonsFirst of all, preventing stretch marks is even better than curing them after the fact. One of the best creams for prevention is Dermology cream. So, if you’re at risk for stretch marks, you may want to try it. It’s made up of a great mix of vitamins A, E and D3. It also has grapefruit seed extract, Aloe Vera and squalene oil.

At risk means that you have the possibility for rapid weight gain or you have a hormonal imbalance, like Cushing’s Syndrome, that could make your skin stretch too much. Pregnancy for instance, or a plan to get pregnant, would be a good excuse to use a preventative stretch marks cream like Dermology.

Dermology cream helps to speed up collagen and elastin production in the body. Those are the things that give skin its stretchiness and smooth look. So, in that way the cream can also help to reduce the appearance of some existing stretch marks too.

Best Cream For Stretch Marks Cure

revitol stretch mark cream Best Stretch Mark Cream ComparisonsAs far as a cure for existing stretch marks goes, though, one of the best is actually Revitol stretch mark cream. Revitol uses vitamins and extracts in much the same way as Dermology. However, Revitol is part of a much larger and more well-known family of skin care products that are well liked and trusted.

A big difference between the two stretch marks creams is in how their sellers sell the products. For example, you can sometimes get risk-free trial offers on Dermology cream. Revitol however, only gives away extra sample bottles with purchases. That doesn’t mean that Revitol is bad, though.

In fact, Revitol comes with a money back guarantee to protect your interests. So, although it’s hard to get samples, you don’t need to worry about poor results as much. After all, they wouldn’t give money back guarantees if they didn’t support and believe in their product.

Keep In Mind That It’s Not Magic

Although Dermology and Revitol are two of the best stretch mark creams out there, they aren’t magical. They won’t work over night to zap your stretch marks away. They take time, patience and consistent application if you really want them to work.

So, don’t go out and buy the best stretch mark cream that you can and expect it to work miracles. Remember to follow the directions and have a little patience. Only then can you reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

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